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Dealing with a leaky roof on your home can be quite a frustrating scenario. When faced with this common life obstacle it’s of great importance to resolve your roof leak as quickly as possible, but to do so the cause must first be uncovered. Once the source of your roof leak has been identified, it can be properly repaired preventing more unwelcome water from causing costly damage to your NJ home.

The Age of Roofing Materials

Whether it’s an asphalt roof, slate roof or metal roof, the construction materials can and will break down over time due to constant exposure to the ever-changing elements, especially in areas like New Jersey with hot summers and freezing winters. Most roofs use some sort of adhesives that hold the materials together, such as tar. Over the years the durability, dependability, and longevity of the materials are bound to deteriorate. In the long-run nature never loses the battle, so if your home roof starts to leak, the first thing to check is roofing material. Consider if the severity of the leak many only require spot maintenance or if it’s a bigger sign that the existing roofing materials need to be completely removed and replaced. This is often referred to as a “rip-and-re” in the industry.

Debris Dams

Often it can be hard to see the entire roof without getting up there and having a look from a new perspective. Usually from the ground, we don’t notice debris building up and creating little rooftop dams where water gets stuck and accumulates. As these small rooftop pools continue to grow they can over-saturate the area, allowing moisture build-up and roof leaks to become more likely. It’s a good practice, especially after storms to have someone climb up and ensure the roof remains clear of debris.

Clogged Gutters

When gutters become full of debris, leaves, twigs, etc., the entire water run-off system of the roof is compromised. Now instead of flowing down the roof, into the gutter system, and onto the ground, huge amounts of water stay on the roofing material for longer and can potentially soak through shingles on your roof, especially where there are old deteriorated or damaged shingles. In addition to regular gutter cleanings, gutter guards can help keep everything working as it’s intended by preventing debris from backing up your gutters’ and releasing the burden from your roofing system.

Unnoticed Holes

Holes in your roof also often go unnoticed until it’s too late! These could be caused by a missing shingle which was ripped off during a storm, damage in part of a ridge gap, or even an accidental hole left in the roof by the previous install or even the removal or installation of an antenna or the likes. Holes are another thing to check for after serious weather-related events or after any kind of contractor has been on your roof. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the integrity of your roof.

Extreme Moisture Buildup

Moisture accumulates on and around roofs for many reasons. Some examples would be using improper roofing material for your geographic area, improper roofing installation, water drainage, or improperly sealed roof vents. These and many other factors can lead to unnoticed moisture buildup. Often things like this go unnoticed or unaddressed for too long and nothing is done about it until a leak has appeared in your roof! The unfortunate part is that by this time often substantial damage has already been done to your roof or maybe even your interior.

Protect Your Roof Today

To avoid costly damage and repairs from a leaky roof it is most important to ensure regular roof inspections and maintenance. Usually, you don’t need to fix or replace anything, it’s more about keeping an eye out to ensure there are no obvious issues like piles of debris, clogged gutters, roof holes or excessive moisture build-up on the roof, particularly after a storm. However, if during one of your routine inspections you find cause for alarm or roof repairs that are above your capabilities, the team at Above & Beyond is ready to help!

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