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Whether you are looking to replace just a few windows or your entire home, we’ll send out a remodeling pro to assess your challenges, tastes and goals to build a custom plan that suits your timeline and budget.

Our highly skilled team of craftsmen are not only certified by the manufacturer, but we are fully licensed, insured and offer the best warranties in the business. We’ve also partnered with GreenSky to allow our clients to finance their home remodeling projects.

Authorized title, all contractors must first go through a designed training schedule that includes product and sales training, installation and service training, and training on Marvin’s cloud-based quoting software.

At Above & Beyond we take your home remodeling needs seriously. To prove it we’ve partnered and trained with the best in the industry, Marvin Windows and through our hard work and dedication earned the notable distinction as a Marvin Authorized Replacement Contractor!

“We want to partner with contractors that are in the business of truly serving their customers,” says Julio Martinez, Super Enterprises ARC Business Manager. “Contractors that have integrity and want to grow their business with industry-leading products. We want to offer homeowners high-quality product options in the replacement market and industry-leading installation services at a competitive cost.”

The Marvin Family of Brands is a fourth-generation family-owned company. Both Marvin and Integrity windows are available in both full-frame replacement and insert replacement versions, both are available in custom sizes, and both carry the Marvin guarantee; which is synonymous with high-quality, leading technology and lasting dependability.

The Role of Windows in Your Metuchen Home

The windows offering sneak peeks of your outdoor surroundings are essential to your home. They help keep unwanted pests out and trap conditioned air, among other things. Here are a few critical functions of the windows throughout your home:

  • HVAC assistance: Throughout the year, your HVAC system works hard to keep your home comfortable, cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. When your windows break or get stuck open, your HVAC system must work overtime to counterbalance the conditioned air exiting your home. 
  • Pest control: Broken windows can let pesky flies, gnats, and other pests into your home, which isn’t ideal, especially in the kitchen. A functioning window enables you to enjoy your outdoor view without the pests that live outside. 
  • Outdoor glimpses: The panes of each window throughout your house offer glimpses of your outdoor surroundings, creating a more open and natural feel. Massive bay and floor-to-ceiling windows provide an indoor-outdoor living feel without inviting pests inside. 
  • Natural light: While artificial light bridges the gap at night to keep your home illuminated, windows let natural light stream in throughout the day. This creates a more open feel and makes smaller rooms feel larger. 
  • Protection: Windows provide protection from the elements, preventing rain, wind, snow, and other types of inclement weather from visiting your home throughout the year and damaging the components inside your home. 

Window Replacement Services

At Above & Beyond Exterior Remodelers, we understand the importance of functional and beautiful windows. When your windows require a replacement, whether due to breakage or years of wear, we can help. 

We offer full-fledged window replacement services to keep your home outfitted with functioning windows. Our services span the range from aesthetic replacements, like during a kitchen makeover, to those required due to damage, such as breakage from a stray baseball. 

Elevate Your Home With New Windows 

When your windows break or wear out and require a replacement, our team at Above & Beyond Exterior Remodelers can help. We’ll outfit your home with a new window to restore it to its former glory, ensuring you keep unwanted pests out and keep conditioned air in. Call us today at (908) 588-9575 or request a free estimate!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to install windows?

The cost of a window installation hinges on various factors specific to the situation, including the installation difficulty, size of the window, and type of window. The average homeowner pays between $300 and $500 per installed window, although this range depends on the aforementioned factors. 

2. How do you install a window step by step?

Installing a window starts with removing the old one and prepping the frame. Once the window box is ready to go, you’ll need to dry-fit the new window into the window opening. If everything looks good in the dry-fit, you can install and attach the window, using shims to keep the window in place while you caulk the molding. 

The following steps involve adding the insulation to keep your home cozy, installing the stop molding, and incorporating the new window trim. After you complete these steps, your window will be installed and ready to go! This process can be complex, especially when you add a fragile sheet of glass to the mix, so if you’re not prepared to handle the process, consider hiring an experienced window installer. 

3. Can you install your own windows?

Installing your own windows is doable with know-how, so experienced DIYers may not have any issues. However, prepping the window frame and maneuvering a fragile expanse of glass can prove difficult for inexperienced homeowners, so it’s often best to hire a skilled professional

4. Is it cheaper to replace all windows at once?

Yes, replacing all of your windows at once is usually cheaper. Some manufacturers provide bulk discounts, providing savings on your window project. However, the cost is steep, so some homeowner may choose to replace the windows in their homes in batches to offset the upfront cost.

“Our Marvin Windows were the perfect finishing touch to our home makeover. We had no idea how much impact choosing Marvin Windows would have on the overall aesthetic.” — Jay & Marlene

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