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Do you have a commercial roof in need of repair or replacement? Your commercial business deserves the best quality with the least downtime. We are a reputable, responsible commercial roof specialist with an experienced, extensively-trained team.

From full replacement to minor repairs, our commercial roofing experts can help. We offer a range of commercial service offerings and guarantee our work. When you choose Above & Beyond Exterior Remodelers, you’ve found a commercial roofing company you can depend on. Schedule your estimate today.

Why Hire Above & Beyond Exterior Remodelers for Your Commercial Roof Project?

You wouldn’t trust amateurs to install a roof on your home, would you? No. Why should it be any different when it comes to your business? Choose a contractor who understands how to replace your roof and keep your business running.

Safety: Safety is the most important factor in any commercial roofing project. Our safety record is backed up by years of experience and safety protocols.
Quality: Above & Beyond Exterior Remodelers roofing provider has completed some of the largest commercial roofing projects in New Jersey. We deliver each project using our quality standards, products, and job procedures.
Integrity: We are a well-respected commercial roofing company because of our top-down integrity. With years of experience, our reputation is what keeps us at the forefront of the industry.

Commercial Roofing Services We Offer

Commercial Roof Installation

We install hundreds of thousands of squares annually on commercial buildings. Ensure your commercial building is watertight and protect your assets. With excellent service at a great price, it’s no wonder New Jersey trusts Above & Beyond Exterior Remodelers.


Commercial Roof Replacement

At some point in its life, every roof will need to be replaced. Above & Beyond Exterior Remodelers has the experience you need when it comes to replacing commercial roofs.


Commercial Roof Repair

Above & Beyond Exterior Remodelers is a leader in emergency roof repairs. Once you talk to an expert, you’ll see why so many of our clients never use any other commercial roofing company. Ready to get started? Don’t hesitate to call us at (908) 588-9575 or book a free estimate online.


Commercial Roof Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance is vital to help minimize the likelihood of constant repairs or an entire roof replacement, eventually saving costs too. These regular checks will uncover small issues over time which, if left unchecked, could result in even bigger, more expensive issues. Speak to Above & Beyond Exterior Remodelers about our commercial roof maintenance plans to safeguard your business against any roofing mishaps throughout the year.


Roof Coatings

A popular feature of commercial roofs, roof coating is valuable for its ability to extend the life of a roof by adding a layer of protection against light, water and other elements. It is also a great temporary, less expensive workaround for a roof replacement. Above & Beyond Exterior Remodelers are the roof coat specialists in Westfield, so you can trust us to add a good few years onto your existing commercial roof.



How long should a commercial roof last?

Two factors will determine the lifespan of a commercial roof: the type of material and whether it is regularly maintained. A commercial roof can generally last anything between 20 and 45 years, with the longest lifespan achieved from metal, then asphalt. Single-ply membrane materials tend to yield shorter lifespans, say up to 30 years. Remember, regular maintenance and additional roof coating can add some good couple years onto the life of your commercial roof.

What is the best material to cover a flat roof?

PVC is largely considered the best material for flat roofing amongst roof specialists. They are particularly strong and durable and therefore enjoy a lifespan of up to 30 years with regular maintenance. Other great options for flat roofs include metal (the priciest option), TPO and modified bitumen. As with anything, the best option will be determined by your specific need, preference and budget.

How much does a commercial roof cost?

This will vary according to the material used, but you can work on around $1.50 – $10.00 per square foot. Keep in mind that asphalt will be the on the lower end of this range, single ply membranes in the mid-range and metal and on the higher-end.

In need of commercial roofing services? We’re here to help! Contact Above & Beyond Exterior Remodelers today to schedule your free consultation with one of our trusted commercial roofing specialists. 




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