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Spanish Tile Roof

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Spanish tile roofs are one of the most popular types of roofing materials for homeowners looking to enhance the look of their homes. A Spanish roof tile is constructed from various materials such as concrete, terracotta, clay, and slate. They’re designed to be durable and long-lasting compared to other roofing types. Furthermore, these can be used for residential, commercial, and even architectural properties.

Spanish-style roof tile is one of the most popular services that Above & Beyond Exterior Remodelers offers in Metuchen. We have a team of professionals with capabilities that allows us to handle any Spanish tile roof projects. You may contact us today or request a quote, and we can talk about your vision and what you want to achieve in terms of roofing.

Excellent Features of a Spanish Style Tile Roof

Choosing a Spanish roof tile over other roofing types provides an aesthetically pleasing look and benefits

  • Energy-efficient: A Spanish roof tile setup can keep your home cooler during the summer months and warmer during the colder months. Additionally, the domed structure allows the warm or cold air to escape.


  • Fire resistant: Spanish clay tiles are fire resistant. Therefore, they won’t spread the flames and may be able to protect your home by preventing them from spreading.


  • Durable: You will only have to call for a Spanish tile roof repair some of the time since these are very durable. They may be costly initially, but the material’s durability means less maintenance is required.


  • Long Lifespan: If you’re wondering how long a Spanish tile roof last, then you’re lucky since these can last an average of 100 years. Due to their high durability, they can last a lifetime.


  • Eco-friendly: Most roof Spanish tile is made out of clay or terracotta clay, which means these come naturally, generating material from the Earth. It also means these are not in danger of depletion.


  • Provides a Specific Look: If you want your structure to stand out, Spanish tile roofs made from terra cotta clay can easily stand out. For instance, you have a Mediterranean-style home. Adding Spanish tiles as your roofing is the best option to elevate its beauty.

Different Styles for Your Spanish Tile Roofs

Instead of the usual Spanish roof tiles designs, try other styles that can elevate the look of your home or structures.

Patterned Spanish Tiles

Patterned Spanish tiles give a more rustic style that will give your roof a new look. These don’t have to be color uniform, making them more aesthetically pleasing. Plus, they stick out from the roof a bit more, which gives them a more textured look.

Composite Spanish Tiles

If you have a budget but want to achieve the Spanish tile roof look for your roofing, composite Spanish tiles are a great option. This synthetic Spanish tile roof isn’t made from different materials than the classic Spanish roof tiles. However, they provide the same look.

Traditional Terracotta Tiles

If you’re more into classic designs, you must opt for terracotta Spanish tile roofs. These provide a brighter look that offers a uniform structure, which you can significantly appreciate once installed.

Quality Spanish Tile Roof Installation & Repairs in Metuchen

Are you looking for trustworthy roof specialists in Metuchen that can install and repair your Spanish tile roofs? Then look no further than Above & Beyond Exterior Remodelers. Another classic choice we specialize in is Asphalt Roofing if you want a sturdy and reliable roof.

So don’t hesitate to contact us today or request a quote, and we’ll answer all your questions. Our team will also guide and assist you every step of the way so that you can achieve your roofing goals.



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