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Patio Installation

Patios are often a hub of activity during warm weather, creating the perfect place for lively conversations, entertaining gatherings, and relaxing morning coffees. But first, you’ll need a patio. 

If you’re ready to turn your outdoor living dreams into a reality, we can help.Above & Beyond Exteriors, we have the expertise and experience necessary to ensure your patio installation project is done right. We will work with you from start to finish, ensuring that each step of the process is completed according to industry standards.

Plus, we offer unbeatable quality and craftsmanship while keeping the patio installation cost in mind at all times. When it’s time to upgrade from a bare yard or deck into an inviting patio where entertaining friends is easy, look no further than Above & Beyond Exteriors!

Types of Patios

Concrete patio

concrete patio is a great way to upgrade your backyard and add value to your home. It’s an easy, low-maintenance option providing a great outdoor entertaining space.

Creating a smooth, stunning concrete patio comes down to the correct type of concrete mix, proper drainage systems, and expert knowledge to ensure the result offers a blend of longevity and durability. 

Hiring a skilled professional contractor ensures your concrete patio installation is done correctly. This bolsters its longevity, giving it the structural integrity it needs to withstand harsh weather conditions while maintaining its beautiful appearance for many years.

Either way, ensure that the concrete patio installation is done properly to stand up against harsh weather conditions and look beautiful for years to come. The right type of concrete mix, proper drainage systems, and other factors must be considered when installing a concrete patio to ensure its longevity and durability.

Paver patio

A paver patio is an outdoor patio space constructed using patio pavers. Generally, homeowners install these pavers in their backyards or gardens as patios, walkways, and paths. These pavers come in multiple materials, including concrete, clay brick, stone, slate, and even recycled materials. 

They’re versatile and work well in varying patterns to create unique finishes that complement your home’s quirks. When installing these pavers, selecting the right size and shape is crucial. Plus, proper preparation and installation techniques are pivotal to ensure the result is level, durable, and long-lasting. 

Hiccups with any part of the process can throw off the final product, causing unsightly cracks, shifts, and slides, so it’s best to hire a professional to create the perfect finish.

Brick patio

Brick patios emanate warmth and elegance, making them the ideal fit for creating a cozy, inviting outdoor entertaining space. These patios are highly customizable, as the materials come in various colors and styles. 

Installing a brick patio involves carefully laying each stone in a specific pattern or design atop a level base of sand or gravel. Creating a stunning, long-lasting product requires careful planning, layout, preparation, and execution.

Stone patio

Stone Patio

Stone offers a captivating blend of timeless beauty and durability, making it an excellent choice for outdoor living spaces. Materials for a stone patio come in various types, including natural stone, ideal for climates with more extreme temperatures, and concrete stone, which works well in any environment. 

Installing a stone patio is more complex than other types of patios, so enlisting professional stone patio installation services from a qualified contractor is essential.

Trusted Patio Installation Services at Above & Beyond Exteriors 

 Installing a patio at your home or office is an excellent way to create an attractive and inviting outdoor space. Whether you want to use it as an area for entertaining, a place to spend time with family, or simply a peaceful oasis for yourself, the possibilities are endless when it comes to transforming your outdoor space. 

Make your outdoor living dreams a reality with a beautifully designed patio! Ready to get started? Don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free estimate and take that next step toward living your best life with a new patio from Above & Beyond Exteriors!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you need a foundation for a patio?

Foundations aren’t always necessary for patios, as it depends on the type of patio you want and the conditions specific to your home. For example, paver patios usually sit atop sand or gravel, so a foundation is unnecessary.   

Is it cheaper to pour a concrete patio or use pavers?

A poured concrete patio is often cheaper per square foot than pavers. The upfront cost of pavers is often steeper than concrete, as laying each paver is more labor-intensive than pouring a small concrete slab. 

Does a concrete patio increase property value?

Yes, a well-designed patio can add to your home’s property value. The influx in your property value depends on factors specific to your patio and its design, but generally, adding a patio drives your property value higher. 

How do you estimate a patio?

Multiple factors contribute to a patio estimate, as every installation is different. Cost estimates hinge on the patio size, materials, labor costs, and other similar contributing factors. We offer free estimates to help you budget for your patio project. 

How hard is it to build a patio?

The difficulty level of building a patio depends on the materials you’re using, your skill level, and other similar factors. While avid DIYer homeowners might easily handle a patio build, patios can present various challenges that the average homeowner may not be prepared for.

Given the complexities that can arise, it’s usually best to hire a seasoned professional to handle a patio build. This way, you’ll end up with a patio that is both beautiful and functional!



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