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Tackling a roofing project may take some significant time and effort to complete. There are many factors at play when installing a roof, such as the availability of materials, the availability of your preferred roofing contractor, will the roofing project accommodate your personal schedule and the best season in which to complete your roofing project.

In some hot and humid climates, completing a roofing project in the middle of summer may be nearly impossible for your roofing company. The heat will tire out your contractors quickly, and in extreme conditions, they may suffer heatstroke while working in the hot sun.

In colder climates, tackling a roofing project may be reasonably difficult especially trying to navigate across snow-laden rooftops. Taking the weather into account is an integral part of a successful roof installation project.

In our experience at Above & Beyond Exterior Remodelers, we’ve realised that Spring is the best season for roofing, and just in general. Here are some of our reasons why you should consider completing your roofing job in the springtime.


Spring Cleaning

Spring is a great time to rid your roof of all the muck and dirt that accumulated over winter. Lousy winter weather includes rain, hail, high winds and snowstorms.

All these weather elements can cause quite a bit of disruption and damage to your roofing system. By clearing away all the dirt and debris, you can see how well your roof fared during the winter and where you need to touch it up.


Repair Project

Once you’ve cleared away all the debris, you may notice some missing shingles here and there or maybe a hole or two that may be letting water inside your home. Spring is the best time to repair all these minor damages so that your roof is ready to face the coming seasons.

Leaving repair issues for too long can lead to more significant problems down the road, so it’s best to deal with it now while it’s still small and costs less.


Springtime Replacements

Replacing the roof of your home is best done during the spring. The cold weather has pretty much said goodbye; the days are getting warmer, and what better time to give your home a fresh lift than in the springtime.

It is also the season that provides the best working conditions, ensuring a successful roofing replacement job. And because summer tends to be when most homeowners wait to get their roofing systems in order, Spring may be the best time to tackle your roofing project before your favorite roofing company is all booked up.

For more information on successful roofing projects and how your home can be one of them, give Above & Beyond Exterior Remodelers a call today!

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