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Fall is a beautiful time of year in NJ but also an important reminder that homeowners should perform a little routine roof maintenance before winter tests the integrity of your roof. Whether you call a professional roofer in NJ (or locally to you), or you have the ability to undertake these steps on your own, there are several roof maintenance tasks that should be completed this fall.

Fall roof maintenance prepares and protects your home for the coming winter, and any damage to your roof really should be taken care of before ice and snow become an issue. Professional roofing services in Metuchen recommend the following roof maintenance tips for every home in the fall:

  1. Clean Out Your Gutters – ensure proper drainage by removing all leaves and debris from your gutters and surrounding areas. Clogged gutters can cause water to pool on your home’s roof resulting in mold, cracked shingles, leaks, wood rot and poses a potential of serious damage from snow and ice. Don’t forget to also clean your drain pipes and spouts.

  2. Install Gutter Guards – to easy and affordable preventative measure is to install gutter guards. This simple roofing enhancement prevents the risks caused by falling leave, sticks, and debris minimizing the time you have to spend maintaining gutters as well as future repair costs.

  3. Trim Your Trees – in fall it’s more than just leave coming down. Often branches big and small, that are weak, rotted heavy with frost can also come crashing down on or around your home. To prevent roof damage or other property damage it’s important to trim any branches near your home prior to winter. This will also reduce the amount of leaf litter that falls onto your rooftop and in your gutters.

  4. Inspect Your Attic – ensure that your insulation is in good shape and that its vapor barrier is facing down to help trap moisture and reduce the likelihood of leaks. While you’re up there it’s also a good idea to make sure no critters have made a cozy nest in your rooftop or attic space.

  5. Have a Pre-Winter Inspection – call a licensed, insured, professional roofer in Metuchen (or your surrounding area) to perform a comprehensive pre-winter roof inspection. They will inspect the integrity of your home’s roof, and advise if there are any underlying issues that a non-professional can easily miss.

  6. Perform Roof Repairs – fixing small issues before they become large issues is a great way to save money by avoiding larger more complex issues. Issues that may be small in the fall can become huge by the time winter’s wrath arrives. Additionally, it’s much easier and safer to do repairs before the wet, icy & freezing conditions arrive.

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