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Replacing the roof of your home takes some careful planning and decision-making. Many factors come into play when replacing the roof of your home. These include the availability of your preferred roofing materials, the availability of your trusted roofing company, and especially the best season in which to complete your roofing project.

Your roofing company needs to work in cool and stable weather conditions to complete your roofing project accurately and efficiently. This allows them to work uninterrupted and capable of completing your roofing project on time.

The best season to complete a roofing project changes, depending on where you reside; in Chatham, Summer is the best time of year to see to all your roofing needs. We explain why below.

Chatham has a humid subtropical climate which means that it experiences hot, humid summers and cold, freezing winters. The area experiences frequent severe weather conditions, including hurricanes, blizzards, heavy rainfall, and more. Nearly every season in New Jersey comes with some sort of extreme weather event. Therefore, most roofing repairs and replacements occur once a significant storm has passed.

asphalt shingle roofing during summer season in Chatham


Summers in Chatham are relatively hot and humid. Temperatures range between 82°F and 90°F. These weather conditions make summer a great season to complete all roofing work. However, New Jersey is affected by the Atlantic Hurricane Season. Even if the area doesn’t get directly hit by a hurricane, the season brings severe wind speeds and significant rainfall.


It can get quite cold during Middlesex County’s winter season. Temperatures drop to lows of 16°F and 28°F. The area receives around 22 inches of snow. Planning any roofing work during this time can prove quite tricky. The freezing temperatures and snowfall will make working near impossible for your roofing team.


The Spring and Fall seasons in Chatham are pretty moderate. The area receives most of its rainfall during May, around 48 inches which is well above the national average. It’s essential for homeowners to consult with their roofing team before scheduling their roofing projects in these seasons.


If you’re considering a roof replacement for your home, now would be the best time to give Above & Beyond Exterior Remodelers a call so that we can schedule your roof replacement project.

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