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Mixing exterior stone siding with fiber cement siding or vinyl siding is a great way to add a touch of style to your NJ home. Stone accents are highly customizable and can combine with just about any type of house. Stone veneer offers a wide range of variety from smooth or rough, light to dark, patterned or stacked, and more! With so many styles combinations available, there’s sure to be a stone that is perfect for your NJ Exterior Remodeling project! There are some better practices of utilizing exterior stone siding to create the perfect accent for your home. Below we’ll cover a few key design aspects when considering stone or stone veneer for your nj siding replacement.


It’s important to think about the overall style of your home and your neighborhood. What look are you trying to achieve with your exterior remodel? How does your new design fit in with the styles of the other homes in your neighborhood? What best compliments the interior design of your home?

To achieve an elegant, formal look it is often best to use neatly stacked or patterned stone with a finished look. If you want to emanate a more country or rustic style home exterior, then a rougher stone may be the right fit. Limestone can help achieve old European castles and country mansions feel, while unfinished fieldstones are reminiscent of a Cottage or Prairie-style homes.

Whatever you Stone Siding you choose for your homes exterior it should ideally, to some degree, match the aesthetic of the interior.


We do not recommend trying to match a stone’s color with the exact color of your fiber cement or vinyl siding. Generally, you won’t be able to find an exact match and stone color can vary from batch to batch even when it is synthetic. Even if you manage to find a near-perfect match, the impact of the stone will be lost as it blends in with the rest of your house. At that point, why go through the trouble of adding stone at all?

One of the best uses for exterior stone siding is to add accents to your home, major or minor. This works in a similar way that your shutters accent your siding or the color of the trim accents the base color. Contrasting colors are the key to creating impactful accents. For example, if your vinyl or fiber cement siding is dark, then you’ll want a lighter stone siding and vice versa. With all the different types and colors of stone available, you can pick one that has the same warm or cool hue as the rest of your house, but in a complementary shade. This keeps the materials in a similar family of hues but allows for the maximum impact of your accents.

It’s also important that you don’t mix a patterned stone with patterned brick. Too many different patterns can create chaos for the eyes. When combining your stone siding with brick pick a solid colored stone for a better accent and smoother contrast.


Mixing the textures of your home’s exterior using stone siding can be amazing when done with design in mind. If you’re only using stone as an accent, then you have to consider the rest of your siding. For example, installing stone siding when the rest of your home is stucco is fine, but you may want to try and match the rough texture of the stucco with whatever stone you choose.

At the same time, a rough, patterned stone can also lend nice texture when the rest of your house is smooth vinyl siding or fiber cement siding. A neater stacked stone might look better if the rest of your siding is wooden shingles or cedar mill james hardie. Too much texture can overwhelm, and not enough just blends together. There’s a happy medium that exterior stone siding can help you beautifully achieve.


In addition to stone siding, your home can be made more enchanting through stone design accents such as stone walkways, stairs, retaining walls, lamp posts, chimneys and more. During your design consultation our experts can give advice as to where these accents can give you the biggest visual impact and ROI.


Above & Beyond has been a top-rated NJ exterior remodeling company for years. We only focus on the outside of your home (siding ,roofing, windows, decks) and approach each job as it should be, it’s own custom design. Our niche is in combining the perfect materials and installation of Fiber Cement, Vinyl Siding, Stone Siding and complete roofing systems. Our goal is to transform your house into your dream home.

We provide incredible home exterior transformation services with stone and stucco. Check out our masonry & stone page to see samples of our work, or contact us today for a free design consultation and price quote!

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