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If you are a resident of New Jersey, you are probably familiar with the region’s famously intense winters. Strong winds, frequent rain, and several inches of snow are all signatures of our cold season. Luckily, you have modern conveniences like strong home exteriors and air heating to keep your living spaces warm and comfortable. This makes it ever more important to ensure that our home remains in solid condition, and ready for any calamities ahead.

Winter is usually a gift and a curse for homeowners. On one hand, it gives you beautiful fluffy snow and a chance to take shelter indoors. On the other hand, it means tough winter conditions for the home you’re taking shelter in. Luckily, we over at Bucco’s are committed to providing the best solutions for such problems. In this case, we recommend James Hardie’s HardiePlank. Their product has proven to be more than capable for handling strong winters, and has solidified their name as one of the most renowned names in siding.

The Benefits of HardiePlank Siding

There are several components to the success of HardiePlank. One of them would certainly be the product itself, specifically the composition. Made from a combination of water, sand, cement and wood fibers, it creates a strong, sturdy material that is strong enough to handle pretty much anything.

A great side effect of its indestructible nature is that it requires little to no maintenance. When it comes to HardiePlank there is no worrying about rot, cracking or warping from temperature changers, or fading/chipping of paint, courtesy if it’s signature Colorplus technology. It has an additional perk of being fireproof, something that other some other siding options like wood would have. Because of this low maintenance, the on-going cost of the siding will be very little, ensuring that the siding will be cost-effective over time.

With such a robust construction, it is easy to associate HardiePlank with other more industrial building materials like concrete, and that your design options would be similarly limited. Not the case with this siding! James Hardie comes in several different plank types, colors, and textures to suit whatever look you need. This means you have the flexibility of choosing whatever style you wish, from minimal and clean, to bright and colorful, to classic and traditional, all without any compromise on protection and quality. An added bonus? The previously mentioned Colorplus technology ensures that your home stays looking brand new for the long run.

Final Thoughts

By this point it is clear that HardiePlank by James Hardie is the quintessential choice for the discerning homeowner looking for a strong, low-maintenance product that doesn’t skimp on options for design. We love James Hardie just as much as our clients do, which is why we went the extra mile and got certified as an Elite Preferred Contractor. This means that we were specially chosen for our experience and practices to install their product, with a special warranty vouching for our work.

Interested in installing James Hardie? Contact us at  781-393-4427 or through our online contact form. We’d be happy to assist you!

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