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It’s a widely known fact that Fords homeowners have an affinity for asphalt shingle roofing systems. With so many varieties available to you, it can be easy to see why. The affordable and highly versatile material comes with an easy installation and a relatively long lifespan. 

As Fords’ leading asphalt shingle installation company, let our team at Above & Beyond Exterior Remodelers guide you through the reasons why an asphalt shingle roofing system might be perfect for your home.


What Is An Asphalt Shingle Roofing System?  

Asphalt shingles have gone through many improvements over the years, which have made them stronger than ever. They’re made of cellulose or glass fibers that have been saturated in asphalt and covered in mineral granules for added durability. Fiberglass is also incorporated to improve its fire resistance and durability. 

Asphalt roofs are available in various shapes and sizes, including single-piece panels,  continuous panel sheets that can be cut to fit your specific roof shape, laminated shingles, and 3-tab shingles. Thanks to their versatility, you’re free to customize your asphalt roofing system to suit your home’s unique aesthetic. 


How Asphalt Shingles Benefits Your Fords Home



If you’re looking for a roofing material that won’t break the bank, then the asphalt shingle is your best bet. It also has the added benefit of being easy to maintain, so no matter what happens with it in the future, repairing or replacing them won’t empty your pockets. 


Easy Installation

Thanks to their popularity, asphalt shingles are always readily available. You can find them in just about every roofing and hardware store. If you decide that tomorrow is the perfect day for a new asphalt shingle roofing system, they will be ready for your purchase immediately. 


Installing an asphalt shingle rooftop is an excellent option for those who need their roof replaced quickly. With this type of installation, it only takes about 24 to 48 hours to complete, and homeowners can get back to their normal day-to-day in no time at all. 



Shingles come in various colors, shapes, and designs that can help you achieve any look for your home. Whether it be the modern-looking cedar shingle or metal roofing imitation, asphalt shingles are an affordable way to get premium-looking materials without breaking the bank. 


Fords’ #1 Asphalt Shingle Installation Company

If you’re in the market for a new roofing system and thinking about installing an asphalt shingle roof, well, then give Above & Beyond Exterior Remodelers a call. At Above & Beyond Exterior Remodelers, we guarantee dedicated workmanship and excellent customer service. Give us a call today for your free asphalt shingle roofing quote. Check out our siding services in Fords if you’re looking to increase your home value and greatly benefits your home’s curb appeal.

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